The Hatchet way


Hatchet was founded on the basis that Perth needed a solution to the growing number of diverse problems that local businesses were facing. These problems begged the question “there must be a better way”.

We believe that software should make your life easier, not harder. That’s why we build exactly to the requirements of your project, and avoid the one-size fits all approach, leaving you with a tailored experience that gives you more time to do what matters most, running your business.

Hatchet team

The team that gets it done

Behind the scenes

Daniel GouvignonDesign UI/UX & Frontend Development

Skateboarder, code and web savant and Hatchet merch-man, Dan is a leading tech consultant who’s worked with big agencies and knows how to break the ice with clients. The team’s go-to design and front-end development expert, he’s not only meticulous about the code that makes things work, but is keen on how people interact with your users online.

Matt HareBackend Development & Systems Administration

If we’re talking about complex back-end development, organised systems administration and leading web technologies, then Matt is your guy. PHP, MySQL, web apps, databases, hosting, software integrations, Laravel. You name it. Don’t know what they all mean? Matt does. The only things he loves more than IT are furry cats and his sons, Callum and Mason.

Glenn ForrestFrontend & Backend Developer

Hailing from the mountains on New Zealand, Glenn and his beard have been doing this development thing for a number of years now. And he’s passionate – not only about development, but about strong and useable code. All of it. PHP, HTML, CSS, Vue, Laravel. He flexes his work between polishing what people see on the front-end, and the grunt of what you get to use on the back-end. The magic.

Tom SmolarekGrowth Marketer

Gin lover, optimisation geek and guy most prone to wear suits. Tom’s worked through every tier of the Perth digital marketing industry. From small hundred dollar budget clients through to running multi-million dollar state search portfolios he’s been at the core of some of Perth’s biggest and most successful agencies.

Joseph GrantFrontend Development

New kid on the Hatchet block, Joe’s quickly become the team’s go-to consultant on all things frontend development. That’s HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and more. Joe’s led a lot of the development work since joining the team, from building custom WordPress websites from the ground-up to answering tough QC questions. While he still has a ways to go with his table tennis, we reckon he’s on his way with everything else.

Your NameRockstar Developer

The Hatchet family is always on the lookout for talented developers who share our ‘get it done’ mindset. If you’re passionate about building beautiful designs, unique web apps or finding creative solutions to tough problems, then be sure to reach out and let us know.

What defines us

Our Core Values

Passionate: At Hatchet, we’re tinkerers, coders and technology enthusiasts. Passion is the main driver for the work we do. It’s what makes us excited to get up in the morning, and what lets us build software that makes a difference.

Community-minded: Our skillset allows us to build websites for organisations and provide them with a way to reach their audience, at no cost to them.

Hardworking: We take pride in the fact that no challenge to is too big. No matter the project, we’ll get it done to a standard that will make you say ‘Wow!’.

Giving back

Pro-Bono Projects

  • Flanno – A street-wear label with proceeds going to Australian mental health organisations
  • CSU-SES – The Communications Support Unit for DFES, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services
  • Healing Smiles – Helping women who have been victims of domestic violence have access to free dental care
  • Dogs Refuge Home – Finding permanent homes for rescue dogs

Partners and clients

Who we’ve worked with

Our friends and collaborators @ DrawHistory

Since 2017 we have created a number of projects in collaboration with DrawHistory; a brand agency that helps business and NFP’s understand how to deliver a meaningful social impact.

We’ve also worked with several organisations, such as Fogarty Foundation, Town of Bassendean and Social Impact Festival, to help them develop software and websites that have become critical to their operation.

Helping these great organisations (alongside dozens more) achieve their goals is what Hatchet does every single day.