About Ryde

The RYDE Program provides young people the opportunity to complete their 50 hours of supervised driving experience with one of our volunteer ‘Driving Mentors.’

The RYDE Program was developed by the Town of Bassendean in response to the Western Australian Government’s change from 25 to 50 supervised driving hours in November 2012.

Building a Software Solution

The Town of Bassendean began development of a youth driver education model that had been previously managed in other Australian states through a heavy reliance on full time staff.

We partnered with Town of Bassendean and Bassendean Youth Services to write and deliver an application that was able to reduce the need for more than 2 staff to run the program in Western Australia, to reduce overhead and drive automation and immediate feedback for the youth using the application and making the bookings.

The online software allows the burden of delivering a complex program to be shared by multiple program partners who possess expertise in particular areas of operation. Their activities are coordinated by the software which attempts to provide automated treatments to many possible contingencies.

Features delivered to date :

From the Client

“Hatchet have been the team who have been behind the revolutionary RYDE Program software which links learner drivers with volunteers to achieve their drivers’ licence. (like Uber for L-Platers)

This software helped the Town of Bassendean win YACWA’s Organisational Achievement Award. Please feel free to contact us at the Town of Bassendean for references if required.”

– Greg Neri

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